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Bevis Marks Synagogue
2 Henage Lane, EC3A 5DQ
P 020 7626 1274
E info@bevismarks.org.uk
Monday 10.30am - 12.30pm Tuesdays to Fridays* 11am - 1pm Tours Sunday 11.15am Wednesday, Friday 12am * Summer only
  Monday - Friday 7.30am Shabbat 8.30am Sundays and public holidays 9am
St Andrew-by-the-Wardrobe
Queen Victoria Street, EC4 5DE
P 020 7329 3632
E administrator@standrewbythewardrobe.co.uk
Monday to Friday 10am - 4pm
  Sunday 10am (St Gregorias) Tuesday, Wednesday 12.35pm (Holy Communion) Thursday 6.30pm (Sunday service) Thursday 7.15pm Lecture
St Anne St Agnes (Lutheran)
Gresham Street, EC2V 7BX
P 020 7606 4986
E info@StAnnesLutheranChurch.org
Lunchtime Recitals Monday to Friday 1.10pm
  Sunday 11am and 6pm (English) 1st Sunday 2pm (Swahili) Sunday 3pm (Amharic) at St Vedast
St Benet Paul's Wharf (Welsh)
Queen Victoria Street EC4V 4ER
P 020 7606 8330
St Botolph without Aldersgate
Aldersgate Street, EC1A 4EU
P 020 7606 0684
E mail@stbotolphsaldersgate.org.uk
  Tuesday 1 to 1.30pm
St Botolph without Bishopsgate
Bishopsgate, EC2M 3TL
P 020 7588 338
E church@botolph.org.uk
Monday to Friday 8am -5pm
  Services every day Wednesday 1.10pm Thursday 12.10pm (See website for more information)
St Clement Eastcheap
Clement’s Lane, EC4N 7AE
St Edmund the King and Martyr
Lombard Street, EC3V 9AN
P 020 7621 1391
E info@spiritualitycentre.org
Monday to Friday 10am - 6pm
  Used as a spiritual centre and bookshop.
St Giles-without-Cripplegate
4 the Postern, Wood Street, Barbican, EC2Y 8BJ
P 020 7638 1997
E admin@stgilescripplegate.com
Monday to Friday 11am - 4pm
  Sunday 8am (Holy Communion) 10am (Parish Eucharist) 4pm (Eveningsong) 1st Sunday 11.30am (Family Service) Monday to Thursday 8.30am (Morning prayer)
St James Garlickhythe
Garlick Hill, EC4V 2AL
P 020 7236 1719
E info@stjamesgarlickhythe.org.uk
Monday to Friday 10.30am - 4pm
  Sunday 10.30am (Sung Eucharist) (See website for other times) Wednesday 1.15pm (Holy Communion)
St Katharine Cree
Leadenhall Street, EC3A 3DH
P 020 7283 5733
Monday to Friday 10.30am - 4pm
  Wednesday 1.05 pm (Sung Eucharist) Sunday 10am (Marthoma Liturgy)
St Lawrence Jewry
Gresham Street , EC2V 5AA
P 020 7600 9478
Monday to Thursday 8am - 1pm
  1st Sunday 9.15am (Holy Communion) Tuesday 8.30pm (Holy Communion) Friday 1.15pm - 1.45pm (Holy Communion) Monday 1pm (Piano Recital) Tuesday 1pm (Organ Recital)
St Margaret Lothbury
Lothbury Street, EC2R 7HH
P 020 7726 4878
E the.rector@stml.org.uk
Monday to Friday 7am to 5.15pm
  Tuesday 1.10pm -1.40pm (Holy Communion) Wednesday 12.50pm -2pm (informal worship and teaching) Thursday 1.10pm to 2pm (Organ Recital) (See website for more details)
St Martin-within-Ludgate
40 Ludgate Hill, EC4M 7DE
P 020 7248 6054
Monday to Friday 11am - 4pm
  Monday 11am Thursday 1.15pm (See website for special events)
St Mary Abchurch
Abchurch Lane
P 020 7626 0306
Monday to Friday 10.30am - 2pm
St Mary Aldermary
Watling Street, EC4M 9BW
P 020 7248 9902
E jm014t1045@blueyonder.co.uk
Monday to Friday 11am-3pm
  Monday, Thursday 1.05pm
St Mary Le Bow
Cheapside, EC2V 6AU
P 020 7248 5139
E NickCressey@stmarylebow.org.uk
Monday to Wednesday 7am - 6pm Thursday 7am - 6.30pm Friday 7am -4pm
  Services are held everyday, please see website for more details, as well as special services, lectures and recitals.
St Mary Woolnoth
Lombard Street, EC3V 9AN
P 020 7626 9701
E admin@marywoolnoth.org
Monday to Friday 9.30am - 4.30pm
  Tuesday 1.10pm (Eucharist) Friday 8am (Mass Eucharist, BCP) Feast Days (As announced)
St Mary-at-Hill
Eastcheap, EC3R 8EE
P 020 7626 4184
E stmaryathill@yahoo.co.uk
  Wednesday 1pm - 1.35pm (Holy Communion) (See website for special services and lunchtime recitals)
St Michael
St. Michael's Alley, Cornhill, EC3V 9DS
P 020 7248 3826
E citychurches@pmullen.freeserve.co.uk
  Sunday 11am (Eucharist) Monday 1pm (Organ Recital) Wednesday 1.10pm - 1.35pm (Holy Communion) Friday 1.10 (Holy Communion, Said) (See Website for more times)
St Michael Paternoster Royal
College Hill, EC4R 2RL
P 020 7248 5202
Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm
  Monday to Friday 9am Wednesday 9am (Holy Communion)
St Paul’s Cathedral
St Paul’s Church Yard, EC4M 8AD
P 020 7246 8357
E visits@stpaulscathedral.org.uk
Monday to Saturday 8.30am - 4pmGalleries 9.30 - 4.15pm
  Daily services: Mattins 07.30am Holy Communion 08.00am and 12.30pm Choral Evensong 5pm Sunday Services: 08am (Holy Communion) 10.15am (Mattins) 11.30am (Sung Eucharist) 3.15am (Evensong) 6pm (Evening Service)
St Peter-upon-Cornhill
Cornhill, London, EC3V 3PD
P 020 7283 2231
St Stephen Walbrook
39 Walbrook, EC4N 8BN
P 020 7626 9000
E martin@ststephenwalbrook.net
  (See website for dates and times of services and recitals)
St Vedast alias Foster
4 Foster Lane, EC2V 6HH
P 020 7606 3998
E administrator@vedast.org.uk
The Dutch Church
7 Austin Friars Lane, EC2N 2HA
P 020 7588 1684
E info@dutchchurch.org.uk
Sundays and certain days of the week.
  (See website for service details)

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