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Open Garden Squares Weekend
Various locations across London
13 to14 June 2009
Discover a whole new side to the capital in this weekend that celebrates the many beautiful, sometimes secret, gardens of London. A programme of special tours of a number of gardens that are not usually open to the public, as well as those that are.
Open House Festival
Various locations around the city Open House, 44-46 Scrutton Street, London, EC2A 4HH
P 020 3006 7008
E admin@openhouse.org.uk
Mid September at various times throughout.
The Open house London Weekend is a unique initiative organised each September to provide public access, completely free of charge, to all types of buildings, public and private, across the capital. Some 360,000 visits are made each year and are operated on a strictly first come, first serve basis. For the more popular buildings, this can mean long queues, although for some private houses where numbers are very limited (such as Mansion House) an advance booking facility is operated.

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